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 Sonny's Story 

James John “Sonny” Sadler born November 18, 1961 in Detroit, Michigan, passed away on Thursday, May 16, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV. 

At 51, he lived a full life with 3 daughters and 3 sisters.  He was a gracious patriarch in world of matriarchs.  He was a devoted and selfless father, brother, son, uncle, and friend.  Sonny would smile with the smallest gesture.  He appreciated every detail and had an eye for it.  His work in construction, building, and planning was unparalled and always efficient.  People were constantly amazed at the immense knowledge and strength he possessed.  On par with his ability, was his wit.  Sonny was known as a jokester, funny man, and easy-going guy.  He had the most unique laugh; the kind where you knew it was genuine and made others join and laugh too.  He had a way of saying common words and making them funny, his  "Sonny-isms."  He was a profoundly devoted father to his girls, and there no matter what.  Sonny always made you feel good about yourself, and made you want to be around him more.  

For those who knew him, we are privileged and touched; no one will ever compare.  Sonny will be deeply missed and forever loved.  Though you have departed this world, we know you are with is always us, as a protector and companion.

He is survived by his 3 daughters: Lindsey, Rachael, and Terra.  Please enjoy this memorial website as a dedication to him and to his family. Donations may be made in lieu of flowers in his honor to his youngest daughters' college funds.

More stories to come... so much to share about this man!

Please see "Memorial & Celebration" page for details about Sonny's service and reception.



Sonny-isms are the genuine and unique part of Sonny.  He loved to say things with just the right cadence to make you think or make you laugh.  His Sonny-isms are contageous and will never be forgotten.  Enjoy this list and feel free to add more!

  • Give-it-uh-me
  • Hey, it's got cinnamon-in-it
  • Also known as rapper "Sevumdy Cent"
  • Chop chop choppin broccoli
  • Calling his girls "Pumpk" or "Pumpy" instead of Pumpkin
  • Quidditch!
  • "I'm done with that guy!"
  • Heezatawka
  • Good n' nuff
Sonny's Girls

Rachael Ryan (left)

Lindsey Jean (middle)

Terra Emily (right)

The memories we love...

From his daughter, Lindsey:

"One of the great memories I have with my dad is Halloween.  He loved carving pumpkins and was so precise.  He would set up a work station for all of us girls to work on our pumpkins.  He would so patiently help Rachael and Terra with theirs.  And then he would start making his chili.  It would simmer and cook what seemed like all day.  We'd get our costumes on and walk around the block and then eat some chili to warm up.  I still like to make chili on Halloween to this day."


From his girls:

Dad: Pete and Re-Pete (Repeat) were on a boat.  Pete fell off.  Who was left?

Girls: Re-Pete

Dad: Pete and Re-Pete were on a boat.  Pete fell off.  Who was left?

Girls: Daaa-aaadd!..

Dad: What?  Pete and Re-Pete were on a boat.  Pete fell off.  Who was left?

Girls:  Dad, Re-Pete is left but don't Repeat!

Dad:  Ok, but Re-Pete fell off.


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